Vendor Payment

Vendor Payment Requirements

This list is not all inclusive and contractual provisions or other requirements/circumstances may require additional information to be provided.

Before payment can be processed, a vendor must be setup in our system.

The first step is for a material/commodity vendor to complete our online registration form located on our website at: www.sterlingboiler.com/vendorform

A subcontractor vendor needs to go to our online registration form located on our website at:  www.sterlingboiler.com/subcontractor

There are four (4) essential requirements our employees and vendors must adhere to:

  1. Payments require an approved purchase order from SBMI and invoices must not exceed the authorized PO amount for any material or service invoiced.
  2. IF conditions arise that require additional monies for any material or service, a PO Change Order must be processed and approved in advance.
  3. ALL end of project invoices must be received within 30 days of project completion or the vendor risks delayed or denied payment.
  4. A “proper” invoice and supporting documentation must be received by SBMI Accounts Payable.


Elements of a Proper Invoice

Each invoice presented by a vendor for payment must be clear and accurate and free from mathematical and quantity errors and contain the following elements to facilitate efficient and effective payment processing.

  • Name of the vendor and “Remit to“ address
  • Vendor invoice number and date
  • Vendor contract contact name and phone number
  • Valid Purchase Order number (*if applicable Change Order)
  • Written description of goods/services delivered including part number, serial number, VIN as applicable
  • Delivery date or service date
  • Substituted items must have documented approval
  • Quantity and unit price of item
  • Extension on each line item
  • Total Amount Due
  • Payment Terms and Discount
  • Shipping payment terms


Rental Vendor Requirements

In addition to the basic requirements detailed above, we have specific requirements for rental vendors. All vendors must submit to AP (accountspayable@sterlingboiler.com) the following information upon initiation and termination of a rental agreement:

  • Unit or serial number of the item(s) rented within 48 hours of delivery or pickup
  • Description of the item
  • Purchase order number associated with rental
  • An estimate of costs such as freight, handling fees, expedited delivery fees, etc.
  • Upon termination of rented items, an email must be generated and sent to AP stating the unit #, description, date, PO#, and bill of lading # and carrier used of returned items
  • If item is returned using a common freight carrier, the bill of lading # of the return shipment should be included on the final invoice along with a copy of the bill of lading
  • No item will be delivered or picked up for rental without a purchase order, vendors will not be paid for items rented without a PO
  • Vendor will provide an inventory of all items on rent by location each month


Vendors Billing Time (temporary labor providers, sub-contractors)

  • If billing for a lump sum job, it should be indicated on the invoice.
  • If a job is being billed on time and material:
    • Signed timesheets must be included
    • Per diems listed on corresponding timesheet
    • Material must be listed on invoice; appropriate receipts or invoices must be attached
    • Consumables must be listed on the corresponding timesheet with appropriate signature
    • Equipment changes must be listed on corresponding timesheet or work log for day and signed by a SBMI employee


How to get an invoice to us:

All invoices must be sent to accountspayable@sterlingboiler.com. If email capability is not available, invoices should be mailed to:

PO Box 8004
Evansville, IN 47715


Statements should also be sent on a monthly basis to accountspayable@sterlingboiler.com or mailed when applicable.


What is proper supporting documentation for an invoice?

Proper documentation will include timesheets signed by an SBMI employee; the name of the temporary or contract employee; delivery tickets where applicable and any other information made available to the biller to initiate invoicing by the vendor.